Corporate Social Responsibility

Veolia supports cities and industrial companies as they move toward a low-resource, low-carbon economy that will have fewer impacts on the environment and greater social impact. The Group’s mission is: Resourcing the world. 

This mission underpins our goal of transforming ourselves and the world. 

Our CSR program is rooted in our mission and is an integral part of our overall strategy. We have set ourselves three priorities: resourcing the planet, resourcing regions and contributing to our employees’ well-being. 

Veolia’s success is founded in its usefulness  to all its stakeholders: clients, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the current and future generations living in the different locations where it operates. 

Our ongoing dialogue and interactions with all these stakeholders build a solid foundation of mutual knowledge and understanding, ensuring that we can best serve the various needs of these different groups.

We have named our CSR approach Resourcing Together. 

Expressing our desire to serve society, continuously improve our business activities for the benefit of our clients as well as all our stakeholders, and continue to build up our overall performance

We improve access to resources

We preserve available resources

We replenish resources