Building Energy Services

Take control of your building’s assets, reducing your energy-related maintenance and operating costs.

Hong Kong’s buildings account for about 90% of the city’s electricity usage. Over 60% of our carbon emissions are attributable to generating electricity for our buildings.  Improving the energy efficiency of your building, therefore, goes a long way toward Hong Kong’s 2030+ target.

Across all types of buildings from offices, local authorities, and universities to retail outlets and airports, energy management, carbon reporting, and green building compliance are becoming top priorities.

Veolia Solution

We can help you take control of your building’s assets, reducing your energy-related maintenance and operating costs and optimizing your chiller performance.

Energy Efficiency

Chiller Optimization

Operational Performance

Hubgrade - Smart Energy Monitoring for Sustainability and Operations

Using AI and advanced analysis system, Hubgrade analyses your building's energy consumption and gives recommendations to optimize HVAC systems performance.


How Hubgrade can support your building:

  • Leverage data analytics of your energy consumption and indoor air quality data to improve your equipment performance
  • Achieving energy savings for clients and enhancing comfort for tenants
  • Maximize preventive maintenance to ensure building assets are kept in the desired quality

Our digital solutions do not interfere with the existing Building Management System. Our experts use the data and AI analytics to optimize chiller performance, along with our advanced operational practices, understanding of the site and tenant's needs.

Client: Sunhouse

Hong Kong SAR China

The first site connected to Veolia Hong Kong Hubgrade Center
  • Guaranteed energy performance target on HVAC electricity bill
  • Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality and data sharing with the client

Retro-commissioning (RCx) for Hong Kong's existing building stock 

Our highly qualified teams are ready to help you implement retro-commissioning in your building. It is an efficient system to identify operational improvements that can save energy and thus reduce consumption and environmental impact.


Client: The Hong Kong Government's Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)

Hong Kong SAR China

2 RCx contracts

2 RCx contracts with EMSD and 6 government premises connected to Hubgrade 

- ICAC (Independent Commissions Against Corruption) Headquarters 
- Police Eastern District Headquarters & North Point Division
- Police Central District Headquarters & Central Police Station
- Police Shatin District Headquarters & Ma On Shan Division 
- Ma On Shan Sports Centre and Public Library 
- Ma On Shan Swimming Pool 

Operation & Maintenance

Client: Hong Kong Palace Museum

Hong Kong SAR China

  • O&M services of HVAC and Building Management Systems
  • Asset Management
Client: Podium Plaza

Hong Kong SAR China

Energy Performance Contract