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Our HR Promises :
The 6 pillars of our HR policy

Health and Safety at work, for everyone

We, at Veolia, are committed to continuously improving our health and safety performance and managing health and safety risks associated with our activities and services. We integrate health and safety into all aspects of our business operations with the main objective to prevent accidents, injuries, near misses and occupational illnesses.  Every year, we dedicate one full week to the topic of Health and Safety. 


Our training is second-to-none, with training delivered by experts from Veolia at our regional Training Centres and Veolia Campuses throughout the world. It is our mission to ensure that all our employees are well equipped with the necessary skills to execute their tasks. Role-specific H&S training is conducted for new hires as well as existing staff. This is a crucial part of enabling our employees to act safely and responsibly in their work environment.

Career Development

 Veolia actively engages in identifying talent and sending our employees for courses to hone and sharpen their skills. We are committed to providing as much exposure and career growth possibilities as we can. It is our belief that all employees can benefit from opportunities that could motivate professionally and bring out the best in them. 


Mobility is an opportunity for employees to change job functions or regions within the Group, enabling them to actively improve their skills and broaden experiences. This allows employees to play to their strengths and learn from one another to meet the needs of the business. This also fosters the transfer of talent from one project to the next and better prepares employees by providing the platform to gain relevant experiences. 


Diversity in our workforce is an integral part of our Group identity. It is both the strengths and weaknesses that our employees possess that contributes to our success. Veolia’s global HR policy promotes gender and cultural diversity as we recognize that innovative ideas can come from anyone. We believe that having diversity in our Group is essential for Veolia’s growth and providing the best possible service for our customers.

Social Dialogue

We encourage an open dialogue with our employees. By enabling them to express and voice their ambitions, ideas and concerns, we can provide better support and cater to their growth. We credit our success to being open to both the feedback from our customers and employees and ensuring seamless communication between employers and employees.

Life at Veolia