Determined, optimistic, together!

At Veolia, we are 213,000 Resourcers who want the world as it could be, convinced that we can meet the challenges of ecological transformation.
Resourcers to turn the tide

Ecological transformation, that is our purpose

It's a compass that guides all Group employees, worldwide, as they go about their daily tasks.


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Meet our Resourcers in Hong Kong! They are a team of optimistic and determined individuals working together to achieve ecological transformation.



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They are turning the tide across the world. Optimistic and determined, they move forward together in the pursuit of ecological transformation. Hear them talk about their projects.



Indonesia – at the Pasuruan site

"Our goal?"
Accelerating the circular economy for plastics will turn the tide!"

Ariska, Sustainable Development Supervisor


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USA - California
"Giving new life to wastewater will turn the tide!"
"Optimizing the energy consumption of buildings will turn the tide!"
"Making electric mobility ever more sustainable will turn the tide!"
"Improving sorting through innovation will turn the tide!"

“Enriching soil with our wastewater fertiliser will turn the tide! "
"Securing energy supply will turn the tide!"
"Revitalising soils without chemicals will turn the tide!"
“Fighting water stress will turn the tide! ”
"Helping cities green their energy mix will turn the tide!"
"Increasing our available water resources will turn the tide!"
"Producing engery from wastewater will turn the tide!"
"Helping our customers achieve 100% waste recovery is turning the tide!"
"Manufacturing membranes to remove pollution from water will turn the tide!"

The River, a film that reflects who we are!

It follows a group of children who hatch a seemingly crazy plan over the long summer afternoons. An unstoppable collective, deeply optimistic, never giving up and always acting together, they meet every challenge. This is the same mindset that drives Veolia's Resourcers around the world, enabling us to meet the challenges of ecological transformation.

Solutions to turn the tide

There's no time left for transition. At Veolia, we work every day for ecological transformation.