2022 Health & Safety Week

Veolia International Health & Safety Week 2022 was held from September 19 to 23. The theme of this year's International Health Safety Week is "Safety is in our hands." 


The prevention of occupational risks, health and safety at work, and more broadly wellbeing at work, are part of Veolia's fundamental values. Our primary wealth and our primary asset are the men and women who make up our Group. Taking care of our employees, sustainably preserving the health and safety of each of them, while protecting our customers and the communities we serve, is our top priority: it applies to everyone, without exception.
Our goal is to carry out our activities while safeguarding the health and safety of employees and those of stakeholders. Aware of its responsibility, Veolia embeds its commitment to health and safety in each of its actions, developing a culture of prevention at all levels.

Therefore for this year, the focus is to support our employees to improve their perceptions of dangers associated with manual tasks. A variety of insightful and fun activities were organised across our projects in Hong Kong last week, in order to  continue raising awareness of our employees in this important aspect in Veolia, including:

- Safety workshops, with safety awareness video showing, quizzes and discussions

- High Potential of harm (HiPo) contest, identify HiPo incidents, analyse and rectify them

- Joint safety inspection

- Fire drill

- Training for Safe Use of High-Pressure Jetting