Michelle, Laboratory Manager

"Giving new life to wastewater will turn the tide!"

Second life for wastewater

"As industries expand, the need for water continues to grow. In some regions, particularly those affected by drought, natural water resources are not sufficient. So, it has become urgent to find sustainable solutions to treat wastewater and at the same time recharge aquifers.

At Veolia, our Resourcers are successfully treating large-scale metropolitan wastewater to meet the needs of our industrial and municipal customers. At the Edward C. Little Wastewater Treatment Facility in West Basin, Los Angeles, Michelle and her colleagues produce five different types of water to meet the specific needs of their customers. As industries get recycled water, drinking water can be reserved for people."


Deep dive

Come with us and meet the people who are optimistic about ecological transformation. At the Edward C. Little West Basin site in California, meet Michelle, Laboratory Manager, who tells us about the solutions our Resourcers are implementing to treat wastewater on a large scale and sustainably meet the water needs of the City of Los Angeles' industries.



It's so vital to reserve drinking water for people, especially in regions that regularly experience drought. What would we do without water? Fortunately, we are finding solutions to supply industry in other ways.
Finley – Journalist at Fisheye

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