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Waylung Waste Services renders professional cleaning solutions

Hong Kong is faced with problems of dense population, scarce land and heavy traffic flow; complex utility's pipe networks are usually installed underground, thus extra safety concern and expertise are specially required before carrying out clean-up.

Veolia Solution

Waylung Waste Services Limited, a local brand of Veolia, has been committed to providing a variety of waste management services for the government, industrial and commercial clients. Services include: solid waste collection, liquid waste collection, chemical waste collection and treatment, soil remediation, environmental waste recovery, cleaning of industrial machinery and equipment, garden repair, wastewater treatment, channel sediment clean-up, confined space clean-up, etc. 


Professional clean-up project with environment and safety taken into account

The cleaning of box-type storm water drains has always been considered as a project of high technical expertise: the underground drains are often silted up by sand and debris, and are possibly to produce poisonous or even flammable gases due to decaying substances. Conventional way requires workers to go inside clean manually within confined spaces and water, but such method is not effective and efficient when removing a large quantity of the cleaned sediments from the enclosed area. The excavated sediments, would release odor under exposure and cause nuisance to the public. Clean-up work will become even more challenging if the drains locates in the tidal zone because the drains would be long inundated by the extremely high flow of sea currents, and the water level would change unpredictably with tidal fluctuations.


Unmanned diving tank

Unmanned diving tanks developed by Waylung Waste Services Limited are particularly suitable for using in box-type storm water drains, particularly in harsh environments and run underwater. The hard shovel and bucket can shovel and hold the sediments tightly; photographic apparatus is installed at four top corners so that the ground operators can monitor the situation and process all rounded within the storm water drains via a closed-circuit computer, and control the machine to move in a safe position.

Key Figures

30 tons/day

cleanup capacity


times efficient than conventional cleaning method

Reducing safety risks

Mechanically-controlled operation without putting staff at risk arising from working in the confined space, ensuring work safety

Improving cleaning efficiency

The use of sealed cargo buckets to load the cleared sediments could shorten the time of sediment transportation and storage by up to 4 hours, enabling the sediments to be delivered to landfill within the same day.

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